Mesotherapy involves the injection of a specially prepared mixture placed just millimetres under the skin. Mesotherapy for treating ageing skin aims to replace minerals, vitamins and amino acids that are found in lower levels in the skin as we age.

Mesotherapy can boost your skin rejuvenation, brighten your skin up or give you that younger looking skin. Maybe you are after that Hollywood skin glow for special events or need Mesotherapy for hair loss or scalp stimulation, then simply call us.

Micro-injections are given every four weeks for three treatment courses. When the desired effects are achieved, you will require a maintenance program every 2 – 3 months or so.

Mesotherapy involves the injection of a specially prepared mixture of vitamins, amino acids, and medications, placed just millimetres under the skin into the problematic area. Just a tiny volume of solution is used at each injection site.

Mesolift is used to treat and slow the process of ageing. This treatment results in improved tonicity and elasticity. Skin appears clear with notably improved complexion.

As we age, our skin loses vital nutrients as a result of the sun exposure, hormonal changes, poor diet and poor circulation. Mesolift allows the true restructuring of the skin tissue.

8 proven anti-ageing actions

  1. Wrinkle treatment – active repair of cutaneous damages
  2. Hydration (active & exogenous) – reduction of water loss
  3. Brightness / Radiance optimisation
  4. Ionic balancing – overcoming mineral deficiencies
  5. Stimulation of cellular growth
  6. Active redensification of the dermis
  7. Cellular protection
  8. Visco-elastic regeneration

Mesolift is composed of 54 + 1 active ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid – is an indispensable element for the visco-elastic balance of the dermis and epidermis

13 Vitamins – Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K – all of them are required for the good exogenous biological balance of the skin

23 Amino Acids – they are the basis of the tissue architecture of the skin

6 Minerals – they improve different biological metabolisms

6 Coenzymes – they improve the speed of metabolic reactions of the organism and increase the tissue construction speed

5 Nucleic Acids – stimulate the synthesis of the noble proteins of the dermis and thereby they restructure the entire tissue

2 Reducing Agents – stop radical oxidation reactions of the dermis and epidermis cells

When can I see the results?

The improvement is progressive and cumulative. The result is visible from the first session: the skin is more hydrated and toned. However, more treatments are required to maintain the skin. Mesolift is performed in an initial series of 2-4 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart. After that, one treatment every 2-3 months is recommended. Effects are cumulative.

What are the side effects?

You may experience some bruising and swelling as well as some soreness in the treated area for up to 48 hours after the treatment.